Our goal is to travel to 24 countries in 11 months on a budget with no income! As we trek along we will post photos and videos of the unique (non-boring) moments we want to share with you. If you’ve been to one of the countries we are going to, please feel free to pass on your wisdom – we need every bit of information possible (please see our “about us” section for itinerary).

We hope you enjoy this as much as us!

Much Love!

Victor & Angela


Latest Video:

Tigre Argentina

Tigre is a one hour train ride from Buenos Aires. We take a boat tour on the delta and visit the market.

Friend Sites:

WoodenRoots.com - Our friend Marcus' site for High Quality Djembe's & other Instruments.

ElFaro.net - We met the creator of the first Latin American news site. Elfaro is 100% independent & devoted to unbiased reporting.

LaVueltadelos25.com - We met Marc while traveling through Mexico. His blog was rated #1 Spanish language blog by LonelyPlanet.

TioAntonio.org - He was travelling through Nicaragua and fell in love with the kids. This is what happens when someone decides to make a difference. Meeting Tio Antonio was a great experience.

FlowersUSSR.com - Our friend Dennis' site delivers flowers & gifts to just about any country in the world.

StudioDio - We met Jamye & Dave while taking a puppet workshop (or taller) in Buenos Aires.

MarianvandenBrink.exto.nl - Marian is our friend Mark's mom - the family that adopted us for the holidays while we were in Amsterdam.  She started taking art classes 6 years ago and created this website to post her work.  She's really good - we both love her animal galleries.